Training classes are intended to be informative, fun, relaxed and a secure environment for dogs and owners. Safety of dogs and owners is of most importance and the instructors will do their best to maintain it.

  • Each dog owner is responsible for their own dog’s behaviour.
  • Each owner has responsibility for their own safety and should be considerate of others in the class.
  • Handlers should wear appropriate footwear: flattish shoes with gripping soles.
  • Your dog should be worked with a flat or half-check collar, and a training or short lead. (No check-chains or extending leads.)
  • Your dog should wear an identity disc with owner’s name, first line of address and postcode. (Full address and telephone number are optional.)
  • Your dog should be exercised before each session.
  • You must clean up any ‘accidents’ that your dog has.
    (You can ask the instructors for help if needed)

If you are worried or uncomfortable about participating with an exercise, please inform an instructor. It is only by being aware of and mindful about our safety that we can prevent accidents from happening.